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SiD NYC.  For little ones.  Girls clothing for ages 2 to 8.  Made in NYC.

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b e h i n d   s i d   n y c

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SiD NYC has me channeling my childhood. As a child I always had a very ecclectic way of dressing.  I loved dance wear, even though I was not a dancer!  I lived in a red and white danskin bodysuit with puffy sleeves and a red flare skirt and of course leg warmers!  My favorite thing to do was go into my father's closet and wear his sweatshirts as dresses. Especially his heather grey champion sweatshirt.  I would then put on a thick elastic belt.  My mother never understood why I would shop in his closet, but it's funny as I still do the same thing today with my husband. Being original and ecclectic has always been my way.  My love of menswear, dancewear, and vintage, especially the late 80's and 90's, plus the love of my two amazing daughters,  has inspired me to start SiD NYC.  One is more the tomboy and the other is a little more girly.  So why can't you be a mix of both? 

Working in the fashion industry for 13+ years designing girl's and junior's swimwear and producing everything overseas, really made me passionate about making sure that if I ever did start my own thing, I would produce everything in the USA.  So here is SiD NYC, everything is either handmade, by me, or made right here in NYC.

Thank you for stopping by -

Julie Siden